Prof. Dr. Koo van der Wal
1934, Sneek, Netherlands

Books: fourteen
Last book publications: `New Windows on Reality. Contours of a Developing Natural Philosophy’ (autumn 2012; German translation `Die Wirklichkeit aus neuer Sicht. Für eine andere Naturphilosophie’, Springer 2017); and `In Search for the Soul of Europe’, 2018.

Publications in the fields of ethics, legal and political philosophy, cultural philosophy, the history of philosophy and environmental philosophy.

2000 – 2020
Professor, twelve lectures per year, various topics.
Erasmus University / Hovo-Rotterdam (Higher Education for the Elderly)

1995 – 2000
Professor Dr. Erasmus University Rotterdam
Special chair in environmental philosophy.

1978 – 1995
Professor Dr. Erasmus University Rotterdam
Teaching assignment: Philosophy, in particular ethics and philosophy of law.

For many years chairman of the interdisciplinary group of lecturers of the interfaculty subject development issues (later globalization issues).

Held the position of dean of the faculty three times, once in Amsterdam and twice in Rotterdam.

One of the founders of the Rotterdam Honours Program, plus several times as a lecturer.

1972 – 1978
Professor of philosophy at the University of Amsterdam
Teaching assignment: Introduction to Philosophy, and Ethics

1963 – 1972
Lecturer Philosophy University of Amsterdam
PhD in philosophy at the University of Amsterdam on a dissertation `Worldview thinking as a philosophical problem’.


1975 – 1977
Chairman of the Dutch department of Amnesty International
1977 – 1988
Chairman of the Foundation for Refugee Students University Assistance Fund


Co-founder and (for several years) chairman of the editorial board of the journal Filosofie en Praktijk (Philosophy and Practice); chairman (for several years) of the editorial board of the Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Rechtsfilosofie en Rechtstheorie (Dutch Journal of Jurisprudence and the Philosophy of Law); for many years a member of the editorial board of Wijsgerig Perspectief (Philosophical Perspective).
Honorary Member of the Dutch Association of Ethicists.

Visiting lectureships at various universities, including Toronto, Vienna, and Budapest. In the 1980s (before the fall of the Iron Curtain) was part of a Dutch-Belgian group of professors who regularly lectured in Prague at a shadow university of lecturers and students who had been removed from the `official’ university because of sympathy for Dubček’s reforms.


1953 – 1961
Study philosophy, religion sciences and German language and literature in Amsterdam (Free University and University of Amsterdam) and Göttingen.

I like to play chess and church organ.